Monday, March 30, 2009

I Heart Faces Week 12

The theme for this weeks I Heart Faces kids category is Pouting.

One of the sweetest faces Rhett has is his pouty face. He is such the drama king when it comes to not getting his way. His pudgy little hands go up to his face and he sticks that little bottom lip out. He can even make his eyes glisten.

I mean seriously, how could you NOT give in to this little face....

You can check out more Pouty faces here.

Also for this week they are having a special pets theme. The theme is Anything Goes, and I think this one fits well. This is my all time favorite photo of one of Rhett's "uppies". I dunno about you, but I think hound dogs make the cutest puppies out there.

For more fun pet entries click here.


  1. How cute..look at both of those faces!

  2. What cute faces! How could you not love these two!

  3. I love both those faces!! What great shots... well done!

    God bless-

  4. good pics! This is my first time on I heart Faces!


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